Oxford Colleges

There are 38 colleges in Oxford, the following are some of the favourites as voted by visitors and locals. If you have the time they are all worth the visit.

Christ Church

Probably one of the best known due to the Cathedral within its impressive grounds is Christ Church. You can gain entrance from St Aldates or from the other side near the playing meadows. If you are lucky you might see its world famous choir walking across the gigantic, and imaculate main Quad, or perhaps even singing acommpanied by its wonderful organ in the Cathedral. Many a school boy has been confirmed within its sacred walls.

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New College

One of the largest Oxford colleges with about 300 graduates and 400 undergraduates the college is near the centre of Oxford off Holywell street. The college was founded in 1379 and many of its buildings like the beautiful dining hall were built close to that time. 

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Magdalen College

Founded in 1458 as Magdalen Hall, Magdalen College has some of the most stunning grounds you will ever see. Its a must see place for any Oxford visitor and with over 550 years of history it provides an especially attractive sight. If you have ever read the Philip Pullman trilogy (Dark Materials) you might recognise some of the scenery too.

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Exeter College

Opposite the Bodleian library in the very heart of Oxford sits Exeter College still in its original location. The fourth oldest College in Oxford it was founded in 1314 by Walter de Stapleton of Devon. J.R.R. Tolkien who wrote The Lord of the Rings was an undergraduat here as well as Martin Amis, Alan Bennett, and former President Kufuor of Ghana.

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Merton College

Merton College was founded in 1264 and is one of the oldest colleges in Oxford. It is also one of the most beautiful with its medieval buildings and architecture. It is home to Mob Library which is the oldest uninterrupted functioning librarys for university academics and students anywhere.

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